Episode 11: Dom Mr. Monk Returns with His Sub Miss V to Explain their Power Dynamic

If you've questioned what a BDSM relationship is like... here is one fun example, with returned guest Mr. Monk and his submissive Miss V. They go into different types of punishment and "funishment", their training modules and how their arrangement fits into their daily life and relationships.

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Yes-No-Maybe Checklist for BDSM Interests

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Episode 10: Your Hosts Michelle & Steve Coming in Hot

Your co-pilots Michelle & Steve are psyched to bring you into the double digits of episodes together. We share a big life update, strange threesome propositions, what we've learned so far with the podcast and our newfound kinks!

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Episode 9: Mr. Monk on being a Dom in the BDSM Lifestyle

The charming Mr. Monk demystifies what it is like being a dominant, training his submissive, getting involved in the BDSM lifestyle and appreciating the beauty of rope play. He is a great ambassador for those starting out!

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Episode 8: Queen of Kink Takes Us Down Under

Miss Tofu is by far our kinkiest interview yet. She is polyamorous, has worked as an escort, cam girl, porn photographer and videographer. She is a Porn Hub porn star and veteran in the kink world. well as super sweet, funny, professional and respectful. Tofu takes control of this spaceship - and it's full speed ahead to online and in person sex work.
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Episode 7: Foot Fetish Dominatrix Julie Tells All

Julie is a dominatrix... with beautiful feet... that will walk all over you! But don't be intimidated, she is actually super sweet, relatable, and navigates this fetish world with purpose. As the title suggests, Julie spares no details of her s-toe-ry: from the commands she gives her loyal slaves, to the mechanics of a foot job (yes, it is what you think it is), and what her boyfriend thinks about it all!
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Episode 6: Michelle and Steve Answer Your Questions (and Critique Non-monogamy in the Media)

During this mission through sexual space your hosts Michelle and Steve critique non-monogamy in popular media and answer questions they have been asked following the first 5 episodes. How does our open relationship work exactly? How do we avoid developing feelings for others? This, as well as our thoughts on cheating and monogamous relationships, await.
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Episode 5: Sexual Adviser, Relationship Counsellor & Event Organiser Beatrix

Captain Beatrix Roidinger is a sex advisor, couples counsellor, clinical sexologist and sex-positive event organiser. She shares her experiences with young people and couples questioning their sexual identity and desires, and gives exciting insight into Sexolution Festival happening later this year! She is experienced and insightful, resources abound!

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